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GSN* Global Social Networking,  is an open group established in 2012 with the aim of bringing people from different cultures and background together, and the scope of interacting, stimulating while developing new connections and meet new friends.

We are always seeking for the best location to accommodate our events, providing a comfortable and safe environment for our gatherings, taking care of all of the details that will surround the events.

People that join our group share their hobbies, life experience, business knowledge, learn new things from other different cultures. Finding interesting and cool things to share with other people, join together have fun.

* The life is full of fun if you believe! *       

Let us organize your Corporate's / Personal events, Product promotion, Wedding, Birthday, Theme party. 

If you are looking to promote your venue, don't hesitate to contact us!






GSNnets, a lifestyle platform which engages in nightlife, promotion and networking activities. Including integrated marketing, design and tailored events.

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​​​ Global Social Networking

          Magnum         *BULA LIVE         
  • Zentral            *AQUA
  • Volar               *Statement
  • Mudita            *Fofo
  • Levels             *Tivo
  • Bungalow        *Ignis
  • Play                 *MINT
  • Dragon-i          *Solas
  • Ophelia            *Paper Street
  • ​​ALTO                *Sound Dept 
  • Spiga                *Department & Co

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