Oct 31 Halloween Costumes Night @RulaLive from 6pm onwards

Dec 4th(6pm to 11pm) @PuB52LKF 

Saturday's Global Mixer Gathering

2019.10.18th, Happy Friday networking at Ignis - California Tower

2022.4.23th * Beautiful Rooftop Saturday afternoon BBQ

SipSip Rooftop: 25/F, Morecrown Commercial Building, 108 Electric Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 

[ *LeaveHomeSafe*Vaccinated <after 10pm> *Mask* ]

2020.10.23 VOLAR Friday GSN 

from 6pm to 11:30pm


2021 June 18th Friday Netwoking @Mudita from 6pm onward

2021 July 10th Saturday Hangout

@CIACOE from 6pm onward

2021 June 4th Friday Networking @VOID from 6pm onward

​Music : 80s & 90s

2021 July 10th Saturday Hangout @SoleMio from 6pm onward

2021.May 1st, Celebrate Labour Day Saturday Night  

*April 18th, Wonderland Bunnies Party @Ophelia (6:30PM-11PM)

2022.5.27th * Friday Beautiful Terrance Night @Zentral (6pm to 10pm)

Zentral Terrace : 4/F California Tower (Terrace), 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

[ *LeaveHomeSafe*Vaccinated Only* FaceMask*  ]

Event Details : https://www.facebook.com/events/321297486672026

               - Coming events -

2021 July 30th Friday PONG lkf from 6pm onward

2022.5.6th * FRIDAY FREE FLOW (6pm to 10pm)

[GRAM · The Gourmet] : Shop 1 & 2, LG/F, LKF Tower, 55 D'Áquilar St, Central, Hong Kong.

[ *LeaveHomeSafe*Vaccinated Only* FaceMask*  ]


2021 August 27th GSN Happy Friday Networking @Department & Co.

from 5:30pm onward

2020.2.7th, ALTO, City-view Rooftop Friday networking from 6PM onward

*2019.8.2nd, Happy Friday networking at Tonic from 6pm to 11pm

2021 Dec 10th (5:30-10:30pm), Pre-Christmas Friday

@Sound Dept

                  2022 events

2020 first Rooftop HAPPY Friday @FOFO on Jan.17th 6pm on


2021 May 7th, Friday Networking Night 6pm onward LAMBDA LOUNGE

2019-2020 New Year's Eve @Rula Live, Central on  Dec.31st 6pm on

2020.2.15th, Single's night @Ophelia (6:30PM-11PM)

2021,April 1st (6pm-9:50pm)

GSN Night at Statement,Tai Kwun

Oct 13 Aqua Beautiful View Networking from 6pm to 11:30pm

2019.11.15th Rooftop HAPPY Friday @FOFO ,Central 

2020.3,6th Friday Networking @Babacia (7PM-11:59PM)

*2019.9.20th Networking HAPPY Friday @Little Siu ,Central 


2021 June 30 Happy Wed. Networking Zentral

(Terrace Night 6pm-10pm

2020.6.30th,No work Wed. Tue. 

Event at Sole Mio from 7pm on

*June 21st, ALTO, City-view Rooftop Friday gathering from 6PM onward

2021 September 10th Friday Networking @MUDITA from 5:30pm to midnight

2021 August 13th Friday Networking @Rulalive

from 6pm onward

2021 Dec 31st (6pm onward), New Year's Eve Countdown Party ZENTRAL

Zentral : 4/F, California Town, 32 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong. 

Nov 20 (6:30-11:30pm) @ SoleMio, Saturday's Dining with Intl. Friends

Oct 22, Friday Central Terrace Happy Hour @Zental (Terrace), [5:30pm-10pm]

2020.7.3rd, Friday networking Event at Sound Dept from 7pm to 11pm

2019. 12, 6th, Happy Friday Networking @AUQA, TST

2020.6.19th, Friday networking Event at Bungalow from 7pm on

2019. 12, 20th, Pre-Christmas 

@Sound Dept, lkf

2021 Dec 24th (6pm onward), Christmas Eve Party @RulaLive

2021 April 4th, Easter Sunday Night 5pm-9:50pm  SoleMio 

2021 September 4th Saturday's PASTA Dinning Night 


2021 April 16th, Aqua Beautiful City-view Happy Friday 6pm-10pm  

*August 2nd, Rooftop Networking Friday Event at Fofo, Central

*July 19th, Secrets Happy Friday gathering - California Tower

Nov 6, Saturday's Intl. friends gathering @Ciacoe from 6pm onward

2019.10.31st, Halloween @Rula Live, Central 

Global Social Networking

*May 17th, Happy Friday, GSN after-work networking from 6pm to 11pm

2020.10.8th, Rooftop Series

Event at Cubus 28 from 7pm to 12

*2019.9.6th, Networking night after-work happy hour @LEVELS

2022.5.13th * HAPPY FRIDAY @Brooklyn Yakuza (6pm to 10pm)

[ BROOKLYN YAKUZA ] : Shop 1 & 2, LG/F, LKF Tower, 55 D'Áquilar St, Central, Hong Kong.

[ *LeaveHomeSafe*Vaccinated Only* FaceMask*  ]

2020 first HAPPY Friday @MINT (new) ,Central on Jan.3rd 6pm on

2020.10.30th, FRIDAY, Halloween Celebration from 6pm to late

*April 4th, Networking night after-work @LEVELS

Any questions about events,  please email : aiki@gsnnets.com

2019.10.4th Rooftop HAPPY Friday @FOFO ,Central 

11.11.2020 Single's night from 7pm to 11pm

               - 2020 Past events -

2022.1.1th * New Year’s Day Celebration’s Dinner @SoleMio

Sole Mio : Upper Ground (UG), The Elgin (伊利閣), 51 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong

[ *LeaveHomeSafe*Vaccinated <after 10pm> *Mask* ]

Event Details :  https://www.facebook.com/events/945608479388967

2021 September 21th Friday Networking @CIACOE from 5:30pm to midnight

2020.6.5th, Friday Private Event at Rooftop (R) , Midtown 6:30pm on

Nov 26(6pm-12), Friday

Networking Night @Lambda. 

*July 5th, Friday happy hour networking @Volar, lkf

​​               - 2021 Past events -

Nov 12, Happy Friday Networking @Mudita with Liveband

Sep 30 GSN after-work networking @Paper Street from 5:30pm to 11pm

2020.2.21st, Happy Friday Networking @The Murray (6PM-11PM)

2021 May 18th, Friday Networking 6pm-10pm Paper Street HK

2021 July 16th Summer Int'l Friends  Networking @Sounddept *6pm-10pm


*May 3rd, Friday, Central Rooftop Friday GSN event at Fofo from 6PM late

*2019.11.21th, happy hour networking @Mudite

2021 Dec 18th( 6pm-midnight ), Dink with Santa @Flirty Thirty

2020.9.30th Thursday,Mid-Autumn Festival GSN Night from 6pm to 11pm