2017 July 29, Saturday,GSN* Saturday, "Music & BBQ" will go to " Shek O " from 4pm to 11pm

2017 July 7th, FridayGSN* Friday after-work gathering will go to " VOLAR" from 7pm to 11pm

2018 September 21st , Tamarind Terrace Happy Friday Party

2018 April 4th, GSN Wednesday event at Ophelia from 6pm to 11pm

2017 October 28 Saturday,GSN* Halloween Costumes party at RULABULA from 7pm to 00am

​2018 ​​October 27th, Halloween costumes party from 7pm - late at Rulabula

2017 April 21st, Friday,  GSN* Friday after-work gathering will go to " Halcyon " from 7pm to 11pm 

2018 November 16th , GSN Hong Kong Central Rooftop Happy Friday Party

2018. June 1st, GSN* Happy Friday LIVE music gathering at STUDIO

2018 August 24th, ALTO rooftop Friday after-work gathering

2018, JANUARY 19th, 2018 GSN Friday gathering from 6:30pm to midnight

2017 June 2nd, Friday,  GSN* Friday cocktail gathering will go to " FLY " from 7pm to 11pm

2017 May 19th, Friday,  GSN* happy Friday gathering will go to " Zentral " from 7pm to 11pm

2017 October 20th  happy FridayGSN* happy Friday after-work gathering at Secrets from 7pm to 11pm

2018 Aug. 3rd GSN" Friday, Networking Happy Hour at *Volar*

2017 Sept.1st. Friday,  GSN* Friday gathering will go to " MAGNUM " from 7pm to 11pm

2018, March 16th, Friday Networking Happy hour event at " HOLO " , Central, HK

2017 October 7th Saturday  Spiga's beautiful portico networking event from 6pm to 11pm

2017 May 5th, Friday,  GSN* after-work gathering will go to " ALTO " Rooftop from 6:30pm to 11:59pm 

​2017 November 16th, after-work gathering Lilya beautiful Moroccan Lounge networking event from 6pm to 11pm

2017 December 1st, Happy Friday gathering at VOLAR from 7pm to 11pm

2018 FIFA - World cup final July 15th in LKF, Central, HK

2017 June 16th, Friday,GSN* happy Friday gathering will go to " Secrets " from 7pm to 11pm

                GSN I Global Social Networking                 

2017 March 24th, GSN* Happy hour exclusive event will go to "Bungalow" from 7pm to 11pm

 2018 Apr.20th, GSN Happy Friday cocktail networking night at FLY

2017 Sept 22 FridayGSN* happy Friday after-work gathering at LEVELS from 7pm to 11pm

2018 November 2rd , Happy Friday gathering at MUDITA

2017 July 21st, Friday GSN* HAPPY Friday gathering at "fovea", LKF Central.

2018 Feb 2nd, Happy Saturday - happy hour GSN* event at Bungalow, Central, HK

2018 August 11th, Saturday's Italian Brunch at Sole Mio in Soho

2017 April 7th,  Friday,  GSN* Happy hour exclusive event will go to " LEVELS" from 7pm to 11pm

2018 May 4th, GSN* Happy Friday gathering at Secrets

2018 October 16th , Ophelia {NETWORKING} Happy Hour before Public Holiday

2018 December 21st Friday, PRE-Christmas GSN Friday Party at Zentral

2018 December 31st Monday, New Year Eve Masquerade PARTY at Rúla Búla

2018 Feb.2nd, Friday CNY happy-hour gathering at ZENTRAL from 7pm to 11pm ,California Tower, LKF

​​​​​   GSN

2018 July 6th , Networking happy-hour World cup night

2017 Aug.18, Friday,  GSN* Friday cocktail gathering will go to " ALTO " from 6:30pm to 11:55pm

2018 June 15th , GSN Happy Friday & 2018 FIFA World-Cup night at LEVELS

2017 December 15th, Pre-Christmas party at LEVELS from 7pm to 11pm

2017 December 31st, New Year Eve party at Rulabual from 7pm on

2017 Aug.4 ,Friday , GSN* happy Friday after-work gathering at Halcyon from 7pm to 11pm

2018 September 7th, New Bar/Lounge, GSN* Friday networking Happy Hour

2018 December 7th Friday, Tivo *GSN Winter Int'l Friday gathering (6pm-11pm)

​​​ Global Social Networking