2019. 3.15th, GSN* Friday Rooftop Event at ALTO (6:30PM-Midnight)

2019 January 18th , GSN Hong Kong Central Rooftop Happy Friday Party

2019.5.25th, GSN* Saturday networking  at Studio 31 (6PM-11pm)

2019.5.3rd, GSN* Rooftop networking  at FOFO by el willy (6PM-Midnight)

2019-9-20th, Friday networking at Little Su from 6:30pm to 11pm

2019.6.21st, GSN* Rooftop networking  at ALTO (6PM-Midnight)

* Networking : Rather you are new in town and are looking for people to connect, or are a professional looking to meet other professionals from a 

   variety of industries, our networking events are the perfect ground to meet interesting people. Mingling over a drink, relaxed environment, good music

   and friendly atmosphere, is what you will experience.
* Food and Beverage: Discover new spots in town, restaurants, bars, cafes, cocktail's lounges and clubs.
* Events & parties: Listing out Hong Kong's hottest parties, lifestyle events, clubbing and nightlife's happenings.
* Hobbies and leisure activities: Discover local Sport events, fashion shows, music festival, gatherings, wine taste, tea time, hiking, swimming and diving,

   sailing, weekend activities, pets, and more in the 852 area.
* Travelling: Looking for suggestions, search for a travelling buddy, or simply share your experiences in our Facebook group.
   Be positive, creative, open to new and exciting adventures...or just seek for an advice


* Let us organize your Corporate's / Personal events, Product promotion, Wedding, Birthday, Theme party.

* If you are looking to promote your venues, don't hesitate to contact us at aiki@gsnnets.com  

2019.8.16th, GSN* Friday Rooftop event  at FOFO by el willy (6PM-midnight)

2019-10-4th, Rooftop networking at FOFO from 6:30pm to midnight

2019 February 15th Friday, Tivo *GSN happy hour gathering (6pm-11pm)

2019-9-6th, Friday networking at Levels from 6:30pm to 11pm

2019 February 1st , Pre-CNY, Happy Friday gathering at MUDITA

2019-12-6th, Friday Networking event at AQUA from 6:30PM-11:59PM

2019-11-15th, Rooftop Networking event at FOFO from 6:30PM-11:59PM

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2019-12-21st, Pre-Christmas Friday event at Sound Dept. from 6:30PM-11PM

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2019-12-31st, New Year's Eve at RulaLive from 6PM on

2019-11-21st, Networking event at Mudite from 7PM-11PM

2019.4.18th, GSN* Bunny night at Ophelia (6PM-11pm)

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2019.5.17th, GSN* Friday networking  at tivo (6PM-11pm)

2019.7.19th, GSN* Friday networking  at Secrets (7PM-11pm)

2019.7.5th, GSN* Friday networking  at Volar (7PM-Midnight)

2019-10-18th, Friday networking at Ignis from 7pm to 11pm

2019. 3. 1st, Paper Street, GSN* Friday Happy Hour (6:30PM-11PM)

2019-10-31st, Halloween Costumes party at RulaLive from 6pm on

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2019.4.4th, GSN* Friday Happy Hour at Levels (6:30PM-11pm)

2019.8.2nd, GSN* Friday networking  at Tonic (7PM-11pm)